Paweł Dubik

Paweł Dubik

Paweł Dubik

Webpage team

Paweł has above 10 years of experience in implementation of GIS software including FOSS4GIS, keen to enjoy another experience related with the GIS field.

During his professional work he joins:

  • GIS background from AGH University of Technology in Krakow (specializing in geoinformatics and remote sensing)
  • IT backgroud from Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and WSB University
  • Analytic and PM background from SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Paweł has an experience in IT systems implementation and project management with succesfully completed projects combining GIS with IoT, VR and EAM systems. Open to new challenges, enthusiastic towards FOSS 🙂

Department of Geography,
University of Tartu

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