We are the OSGeo Local Chapter of the German language community and represent D-A-CH. D-A-CH is an acronym for Deutschland (Germany), Österreich (Austria) and Schweiz (Switzerland), where german is an offical language. We are also the local chapter for OpenStreetMap (OSM) Germany.

Our objectives are

  • Promotion of free GIS software and free geodata in German-speaking countries
  • Promoting education, exchange of views and collaboration between users, developers and researchers
  • Further development and research on independent information works
  • Provision of free GIS software and data, as well as promotion of their availability
  • Contributions to the expert information of the public in the area of activity of the association
  • Organization of congresses and lectures open to the general public
  • Research and discussion on the effects of free information works on society and science.

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We have a diverse and vibrant community of more than 300 members with different interests for maps and data and Open Source Software. We like to organize activity for networking and exchange.

FOSSGIS e.V. organizes the annual FOSSGIS Conference which is similar to the FOSS4G conference. The conference takes place at different locations at universities and welcomes about 700 participants.

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