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Mergin Maps


Mergin Maps is a field data collection tool built on the free and open-source QGIS which allows you to collect, store and synchronise your data with your team. It removes the pain of writing down paper notes, georeferencing photos and transcribing GPS coordinates. With Mergin Maps, you can get your QGIS projects into the mobile app, collect data and synchronise it back on the server.

Setting up your project with Mergin Maps only takes a few minutes. First, create your survey project in QGIS, then connect it to Mergin Maps with a plugin and synchronise it with the mobile app to start collecting in the field.

The data you capture in the field survey is shown on a map and can be exported to a wide variety of formats including CSV, Microsoft Excel, ESRI Shapefile, Mapinfo, GeoPackage, PostGIS, AutoCAD DXF, and KML.

Mergin Maps allows you to do live position tracking, fill out survey forms and capture and edit points, lines or polygons. You can also connect external GPS/GNSS devices via Bluetooth for high-precision surveying. Map layers look the same as in QGIS desktop so you can set your layer symbology how you want it on the desktop and it will appear that way on your mobile device.

Mergin Maps supports offline field data capture for situations where a data connection is unavailable. It can be configured to use either offline or web-based background maps and contextual layers.

Perks of the Mergin Maps sync system:

  • No need for cables to get your data on/off your device
  • Share projects with others for collaborative working, even offline
  • Updates from different surveyors are intelligently merged
  • Push data back from the field in real time
  • Version history and cloud-based backup
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Record metadata such as EXIF, GPS and external GNSS device information
  • Sync with your PostGIS datasets and external media storage such as S3 and MinIO

Supported field types for forms are:

  • Text (single or multi-line)
  • Numeric (plain, with +/- buttons or with slider)
  • Date / time (with calendar picker)
  • Photo
  • Checkbox (yes/no values)
  • Drop-down with predefined values
  • Drop-down with values from another table

Department of Geography,
University of Tartu

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