Gis3W is an Italian company founded in 2009 that offers exclusively open-type GIS and WebGis solutions.

Gis3W is the main developer of the OS G3W-SUITE framework, an application, based on QGIS-Server and integrated with the QGIS API, dedicated to the preparation of cartographic web tools for the dissemination, for the structured management and analysis of territorial data in web environment.

G3W-SUITE is an OS project born in 2016 and available under MPL license on GitHub.

Gis3W has a proven experience in the development of geospatial solutions and products thanks to the skills acquired over the years and the high adaptability of its product.

Among the users of the suite, we recall the numbers of Regional and Local Public Authorities, National Parks, MultiUtilities and engineering studies that use our applications to organize, manage and disclose their geographic information.

Gis3W provides training on QGIS, GeoDB and WebGis applications, for the training of simple geographic software users and for those who need to create SIT with a strong Web component.

It organizes courses on behalf of public bodies, companies or individuals, provides training and assistance for the use of software and for the updating of the geographic systems created.

Department of Geography,
University of Tartu

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