We are EnviroSolutions, Polish company specializing in OpenSource GIS. We provide solutions for public institutions and private sector, especially:

  • creating GIS systems and spatial databases
  • building automation tools (plugins, toolkits, scripts)
  • integrations (GIS systems and tools with third party service providers)
  • GIS courses and workshops

Our team is represented by over 25 experts specializing in new technologies with over 15 years of practical experience. We are also a leading Polish training company in FOSS4G with over 300 completed courses.

EnviroSolutions is an active member of the QGIS and OpenStreetMap communities. We have created a numerous of QGIS plugins, including “Pobieracz danych GUGiK” listed in the TOP20 Most Voted plugins.

We create GIS.

Department of Geography,
University of Tartu

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