Destination Earth

Destination Earth

Destination Earth


Destination Earth (DestinE) is an ambitious initiative of the European Union to create a highly accurate digital model of Earth. It utilises an unprecedented amount of data, innovative Earth system models, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, high-speed connectivity networks and data from multiple existing and new sources. Europe’s cutting-edge computing is utilized to monitor the effects of natural and human activity on our planet, enable users to anticipate extreme events and test and adapt policies addressing climate-related challenges.

DestinE Components:

  1. DestinE Platform operated by ESA, providing decision-making tools, applications and services, based on an open, flexible, and secure cloud-based computing system;
  2. Data Lake operated by EUMETSAT, providing storage space and seamless access to the datasets;
  3. Digital Twins developed by ECMWF on weather-induced and geophysical extremes and climate change adaptation which combines data from real-time observations and simulations.

DestinE will support tackling complex environmental challenges to:

  • monitor and simulate the Earth’s system developments (land, marine, atmosphere, biosphere) and human interventions;
  • anticipate environmental disasters and resultant socio-economic crises to save lives and avoid large economic downturns;
  • enable the development and testing of scenarios for ever more sustainable development.

Discover the first set of selected End-to-End Use Cases in the DestinE Catalogue!

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