Pub Crawl

There are many great cafes/pubs/bars around and in Tartu. The LOC has selected a few that we like that capture the studentesque atmosphere of the town. We’re also doing this listing in the hopes that it will give you more opportunities to meet fellow conference-goers for late-night (and early morning!) discussions on specific topics related to free and open source in geospatial. Maybe meet up with the presenter from the daily sessions to discuss the specifics of their presentation. Or meet up with the developers or other users of your favourite piece of software, someone you maybe only know by their @-handle or email address.

Most of the nightlife is concentrated along Rüütli tn - a car-free street in the city centre with lots of opportunities for outside seating during the summer. But there are cosy and welcoming places beyond the immediate centre too.

During the conference week, our partner pubs will be also marked with special FOSS4GE 2024 signs so it’s easier to find them on the streets. Feel free to step in and try to ask for a custom FOSS4GE conference drink.


Address: Kroonuaia 76 ( openstreetmap , googlemaps )

Located at the very border of the city centre and Supilinn (Estonian for Soup Town), Mülä is a community bar whose soul lives on the shore of river Emajõgi in a red-brick house. A cafe during the daytime with delicious cakes and buns made on the spot, turned bar in the evenings.

Oh, and by the way, although the address says Kroonuaia tn, the entrance is from Emajõe tn.


Address: Magasini 5 ( openstreetmap , googlemaps )

Housed in the sub-culture house Genialistide klubi (or Genklubi for short) on Magasini tn tucked away from the riff-raff of the city centre. But still in the centre.

Also features a fantasy #MapsInTheWild moment. Let’s see if you can spot it…

Pühaste Kelder

Address: Rüütli 11 ( openstreetmap , googlemaps )

Pühaste Kelder is a craft beer taproom located in the heart of Tartu, proudly serving as the home of the renowned Tartu-based Pühaste brewery. With seating both inside and on the terrace, beer enthusiasts can enjoy a rotating selection of 20 draft beers and several cans and bottles.

Vein ja Vine

Address: Rüütli 8 ( openstreetmap , googlemaps )

Vein and Vine is a cosy wine bar where great people meet alongside an even better glass of wine.


Address: Ülikooli 5 ( openstreetmap , googlemaps )

Also known as Illekas. In all probability one of the oldest still-functioning bars in Tartu dating back to times when some of the LOCers were still in middle-school. And some were not born yet.

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University of Tartu

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