OGC Innovation Days Europe

Connecting technology with policy to unlock impact on Climate and Disaster Resilience, One Health and Data Spaces.

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Date & time: July 1, 2024 9:00 am — July 2, 2024 5:30 pm


Riia 23b (Omicum building)

Tartu, Estonia

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The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is co-organizing Innovation Days Europe with FOSS4G Europe: 1-7 July, 2024.

OGC Innovation Days Europe aims to bridge between advanced digital collaborative solutions and practical applications for policymakers. The event is rolling out the international visions on how to realise digital transformation co-designed by software and data experts, environmental scientists and policy makers – fostering an enriching exchange of knowledge. Attendees will explore in-depth stakeholder needs and interact with the latest digital collaborative solutions.

Target audience and approach

If you are a policymaker, scientist, technical expert or stakeholder involved in geospatial technologies, public policy and/or disaster risk management, and are looking to deepen your expertise and impact in integrating data solutions for climate resilience, health and sustainability, this event is specially designed for you. While the event will be driven by high-level interventions, all on-site participants will be actively engaged in the discussions and their input will be integrated in the summary report.

The Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals as common language

OGC Innovation Days Europe provides a platform to discuss how current technical efforts can be combined effectively with the necessary governance and policy aspects. What decision processes do we need? What agreements are required for efficient decision processes or homogeneous reporting models for, for example, Climate Change or Land Degradation Neutrality? These discussions will underscore the alignment with Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which serve as guiding threads for the event. Specifically, attendees will explore how digital solutions and data management can help meet SDG targets, such as Climate Action (SDG 13) and Life on Land (SDG 15). By leveraging these frameworks, participants can identify actionable strategies to align their work with the global goals for sustainable development, thus enabling a cohesive, collaborative approach to bridging technology and policy.

Thematic focus: Climate and Disaster Resilience and One Health, and Data Spaces

Achieving climate and disaster resilience and sustainable development goals requires reliable location information on the environment, plants, animals, soil, land, and climate change impact among other disciplines. Generating this information dedicated to the users’ needs is challenging, and requires highly optimized spatial data infrastructures and climate resilience information systems. These systems should be integrated within clearly defined policy strategies and climate actions, propelled by efficient policy frameworks, ensuring that data pipelines and data spaces are interoperable and well-structured. This integration facilitates the effective use of analysis, visualization, and reporting tools, critical for informing and implementing climate strategies.

OGC Innovation Days Europe will foster a dialogue between technical experts, decision-makers, and policy experts. The focus will be on enhancing Climate & Disaster Resilience, advancing One Health initiatives, and exploring the challenges to optimise European Common Data Spaces. The event will spotlight ongoing initiatives for modernized knowledge exchange and analysis environments to support these goals.

  • Climate and Disaster Resilience. This pillar will focus on enhancing resilience to climate-related hazards and natural disasters, closely aligned with the guiding principles of the UN climate policy frameworks related to Disaster Risk Reduction. It will discuss how innovative geospatial solutions can develop robust strategies that mitigate atmospheric pollution, adapt to the impacts of climate change and enhance disaster preparedness. Emphasizing a multi-hazard approach, the pillar calls for inclusive decision-making based on the open exchange of information and knowledge.

  • One Health. The One Health pillar will explore the interconnected health of people, animals, plants and their shared environment, emphasizing the critical role of climate change, loss of biodiversity and land degradation. It will highlight integrated approaches to health risks at the human-animal-ecosystem interface, discussing how the environment acts both as an enabler and an indicator of holistic health.

  • Data Spaces. Data Spaces are dedicated to advancing the architecture of digital data governance, focusing on the creation and management of interoperable data ecosystems. The pillar will introduce the need for streamlining data sharing and utilization across various sectors to support decision-making.

Each thematic area will directly align with Sustainable Development Goals, such as SDG 13 Climate Action, SDG14 Live below water, SDG 15 Life on Land, and others, ensuring that the discussions are grounded in the global agenda for sustainable development.

Expected Outcomes of OGC Innovation Days Europe

The workshop will compile the findings of the set of sessions. It will refine the identified requirements for the dataspaces to enhance the information and knowledge exchange on scientific, technical, and policy levels. 

OGC Innovation Days Europe supports the shift in IT solutions from being purely technology-oriented to a more holistic approach that better accounts for the various needs of the stakeholders. The event will identify these needs and thus make an essential contribution to improving the direction of future technological developments, supporting operational setups that are driven by efficient governance models and that operate within a solution-oriented policy framework.

Preliminary Agenda:

This event is sponsored by OGC and the European Commission through the Horizon projects CLINT (GA-101003876), AD4GD (GA-101061001), USAGE (GA-101059950), Iliad (GA-101037643), EuroGEOSec (GA-101134335), CLIMOS (GA-101057690) and other projects of the Climate-Health Cluster.

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Climate Change, Data Spaces, Digital Twins, Disaster Resilience, Europe, European Commission, European Common Dataspaces, European Green Deal, Land Degredation, Spatial Data Infrastructure

Department of Geography,
University of Tartu

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