Adopt-a-ticket is your chance to support FOSS4GE 2024 by purchasing any number extra tickets for the conference that will be donated to our wonderful workshop instructors and Travel Grant Program (TGP) receivers.


  • We are dedicated to running the Travel Grant Program (TGP) - a way to facilitate accessibility and diversity in the event. In addition to a monetary grant for grantees’ travel and accomodation expenses handled in co-operation with OSGeo, the LOC will grant free access to the conference main days plus one workshop of choice for all Travel Grant receivers.
  • the LOC understands that preparing and conducting an educative and successful workshop takes quite some effort and time. This is the reason we are giving away free tickets to all workshop instructors.

We do this because we believe this is the right thing to do.

But this also means that the conference will miss out on some of the income funds although we still need to cover the related expenses (lunches, coffee-breaks, etc). This is where we would appreciate your help. Instead of increasing the ticket cost for all we chose to allow you make a conscious choice.

How does this work?

When registering for the conference, you can choose between any of the add-ons: t-shirt, a mug, workshop tickets and so on. One of the add-ons there is called Adopt-a-ticket, your chance to help us raise extra funds to do the right thing.

We see it equally as an opportunity for smaller organizations and individuals who would like to support the conference but for whom the existing sponsorship levels are too expensive.

What’s in it for you?

With Adopt-a-ticket you can purchase any number of extra tickets. In return we would like to show our gratitude by having you included in the Honorable mentions section of the conference homepage. If you buy more than one extra ticket with adopt-a-ticket then you would instead be eligible to any of the predefined sponsor packages in equal amount.

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University of Tartu

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